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The Move Continues....

December 01, 2003 18:27

There was a slight setback on the cable installation order. It had been moved to Wednesday, so it will be 2 more days before there is internet access in the new place. Once that's in place, I'll set up a couple cams.

Otherwise, things are going great. Still boxes and furniture to move over and that will likely continue for at least another week, if not longer. And unpacking will continue slowly for the next month or so. But at least life will have a chance of returning to normal finally. :)

Received a third camcorder today, although there wasn't a power supply included (as expected). Now I just have to find a 9.6V 1.2 amp power supply for it and all will be good. Still got 2 more in transit, and another action won yesterday, so a 6th will be shipped in a bit.