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Moving Progress

December 04, 2003 12:31
About half of my stuff has been moved so far. In addition, I have got two temporary cams set up at the new place, although both of these will likely be repositioned in the new future as soon as I get some more wiring run. I have several lamps hooked up at the new place, but I have yet to get all the necessary hardware moved over. Hopefully by tonight there will be some controllable lamps.

The internet connection at the house is presently a comcast cable connection with 256kbps upstream and I think 3mbps downstream. The site itself is still operating off the old network, so while the cams at the new house are fast, the site itself might be a bit sluggish for the next couple weeks. However, as I move the cams out of here, the only traffic the site will have to send is the pages themselves. The cams, which are the main bandwidth hit, won't be slowing things down.

I gave a few minutes of effort last night to getting the streaming working. I had some limited success, but nothing to write home about yet. Once I have something truely breathtaking, I'll let you know. I'm going to try tonight to add one or two more cams to the house so there will be more activity to watch.