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Site Updates

November 12, 2003 22:55

No house news yet. I'll post about it 5 minutes after I know something.

A couple new features on the page. The cams and the lamps are now completely dynamic. They can be added and removed automatically as they are made available. In addition, I've allowed the regulars to have their own cams accessible from the website, just as the classic ones are, and they show up and disappear as the cams are activated and deactivated.

In addition to the cams, the server program I use to control the lamps can now accept slaved connections from other systems on the internet, so other people who have X10 modules and a linux box can add their lamps dynamically to my page as well. This provides for a larger number of available features on the website. Right now I have X10 and parallel port connected relays supported via the slave mode, but eventually I'll be able to do the same thing with the pan/tilt/zoom rotors for the cams, rc cars, etc. A large number of appliances spread over multiple homes can all be seamlessly controlled via the same page.

Anyone who has some X10 equipment, a linux box, and a cam lying around that wants to play with this, let me know.