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The Party

November 06, 2003 15:59

The party at Boop's went great, even looking past the broken bones. I wasn't able to get streaming working on the spot. My lack of prep time resulted in me taking down equipment that had issues, and spending all night resolving them wasn't part of the plan, so we just recorded the party instead.

So after a few days of figuring out how to encode it, I have two mpeg's of the party. I intend to re-encode them at a later date, as the format isn't really ideal, and the encoding has some distortion due to the radios that are running around here. I'm just going to need to move first.

So for those looking to get the video, it's in two parts: party5.mpg and party6.mpg. Get them from one of these mirrors:



If you want to mirror it as well, just leave a comment with the link.