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Webpage and streaming updates

October 08, 2003 14:22

I'm finally getting user accounts put into place. Within a day, people should be able to submit information for the visitors page, which will support a number of features that will be explained further once it's working. Now people will be able to add and update their own record without having ME do it, which usually means it never gets done.

As part of this, I'm going to allow people to select their own theme for the site. A theme will consist of a constant background and color scheme, fonts types and colors, and navigation layout (the sidebar). These features will be constant over all pages on the site. In addition, the main page will have a different layout for each theme. So for all of you who thought you can do better, now is your chance to impress me. Since a large number of themes can be available, I'm more likely to be interested in anything that works.

Constraints for the main page: Has to have a 320x240 webcam image. Must have some way to select other cameras. Must have a way to turn on and off lamps. Must have a method to send messages. Must have enough leeway to allow for different options for each cam, such as the RC car which has driving controls or a cam for panning. If you want to do the whole thing in flash, remember that you have to be able to call the cgi scripts as well as load different different camera viewing options, including motion jpeg, multipart motion jpeg, asf and possibly realmedia streaming, and possibly some others yet.

It is not necessary to code the entire page. Only a layout idea is necessary. Any of your themes that are used will be attributed to you if you so desire.

I'm having difficulty with the asf streaming via ffserver. I have been successful getting a 128kbps stream at 320x240@15 fps, but I can't get it working with audio yet. WMP7 plays it with no sound, and WMP9 won't play it at all. MP3 streaming from the same server works fine, so it's most likely something to do with the asf format. I'll keep hacking at it.