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October 07, 2003 03:03

Been a while since last I wrote, but since nothing spectacular has happened, there hasn't been much point. Still nothing firm on when or where I'm moving next, although I'm hoping to know for sure in the next couple days.

I've made significant progress getting streaming media working. Although I can't use it over the internet from my present location, I have an ASF video stream embedded in the browser, as well as the traditional javascript and serverpush motion jpeg options. I'm also working on getting a java applet based mpeg viewer as well. Both streaming formats will also stream audio and a separate audio stream will be available as a traditional listen live option for those who can't handle the bandwidth of the stream. Right now I'm playing with a 128kbps video stream at 320x240 @ 15fps. I'll tweak it a bit in the daylight to see how well it turns out. I'll also create a smaller stream, maybe 64kbps...

Planning some changes to the dynamics of the main page. In the past, I've hosted webcams for a few people. I intend to continue that, but now when their cam is online, it will show up in the camlist on the main page as an icon, and will be removed when the cam is no longer online. Lamps and other appliances will be added or removed as they're available, and messages sent will be sent to a station closest to the location of the cam, and those who don't want to receive messages directly will simply have no message field available.

The manifest and visitors pages will be redone and merged into a single page. User accounts will be utilized and people will then be able to submit and change their own pictures and information for these pages. Then, as they check the page or join the chatroom, their record will move to the top of the list. The page will also take the format of the captures pages and only show 10-20 entries at a time. A starting template is here. Still not sure how I'm going to work the slideshows, but I'll figure something out.