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Video Stuff

September 09, 2003 14:12

I'm currently playing with the video loopback driver under linux to support having multiple applications access the same video source. This means I can continue to serve up motion-jpeg streams as I do now, but also stream any number of streaming video feeds. Some of the software also makes it possible to stream not only hardware video sources, but also the desktop or output from other applications, like mplayer, so movie playback can be sourced back into a video feed, so people can watch the same movie I am, as I'm watching it. None of this will really be possible until I move and get some decent bandwidth again, but it's my intention to have the capability ready at the time.

Also, by next weekend hopefully, I'll have the behind the scenes footage from the techtv interview available. I have yet to see any of it, so I plan to just encode all of it in as raw a format as possible, and upload it somewhere I can have people grab it from, then play with it later to sift it down to something more reasonable. At the moment, there's probably 2-3 hours worth of footage, although I'm not positive about that.

I'm going to retire the 486 that's been doing all the controlling all these years. It has never worked properly since the move, probably got bumped around a bit too much. I only really kept it around since it was an expendable machine. I can easily move the controlling functions to inferno, thereby reducing my computer needs by one. With combining video functions, and running multiple cams per machine, I can probably get my computer count down to 6 or less at the new place, instead of the 12 I had before. Of course, I'm sure I'll just use the opportunity as an excuse to expand the number of video sources, and therefore probably end up with that many anyway, but you'll all get more bang for your buck, or at least I will. It's still free for you. :)

I've cleaned out one of my storage units, and now I only have one remaining. I realize most people don't care about this, but I'm telling you anyway. :) Hopefully I'll move before the end of the month, which that unit is paid for through the end of.