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August 27, 2003 00:39

Just to update everyone that doesn't want to dig through months of news finding out what's been happening lately, here's a brief update.

The owner of my old place decided to sell the house and made me a deal to get out quickly. After TechTV came by to do the interview, I packed up everything and prepared to move in with someone. At the last minute, that option didn't work out, so now I'm living with my parents. While I just LOVE living with my parents (grrrrrr), there are other problems. There is NO broadband available here. I'm forced to run the site off a 64kbps isdn line, which still costs a small fortune due to the fact that we're out in the sticks and there's nothing else available. So I've made plans to move again in a month somewhere where the bandwidth is plentiful, and I will be happy. At that point, the site will return to the glory that it was in the past, with lots of cams, lots of lamps, and more people to annoy. Inventory tracking will be more prevalant, and there's even a pool, giving an option for an RC boat cam. The RC car probably wont' be able to work there in its present condition, but I'm planning to build the quakebots anyway, so they'll hopefully be running around in a couple months.