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August 24, 2003 13:48

TechTV went great. There's a clip available here if you missed it or want to watch it again. The pathetically slow bandwidth I have is slowly returning to normal.

There's a good chance I'll be moving again within the next 2 months, into a house that's remarkably similar to the last one I lived in. This means lots of time saved creating a new map. All I have to do is reverse it.

The RC Car is currently dead. And I might just keep it dead. It won't work too well in the new place without some modifications, and if I am going to make those modifications, I might as well just build a new mobile platform. I've been planning on building the quakebots for quite some time anyways, this might be a good chance to do so. The new place will have a pool as well, so an internet controllable RC boat is a definite possibility.

Speaking of boats, there's a good chance I might be able to get a realtime camera running on a US Coast Guard patrol boat on Lake Lewisville, so people can monitor it while out on patrol, and possibly even rotate the camera. Not likely going to be able to drive THAT boat though.

The current place has a 14 stage sprinkler system. I'm working on the softare right now to control it. Since hammering this system is not advisable, instead you will be allowed to select which stage will be chosen next, and everyone can fight over that. Every two minutes, it will switch to the next chosen stage. The system runs for 12 hours, so it will be available to play with for pretty much all daylight hours.