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Googlesnacks, now 20% MORE offensive!

April 07, 2003 14:05

When someone searches for something on google, they get presented with a page of links. If you glance at the current URL, you will notice that the text you searched for is part of the URL. If you then click on one of the links on the page, the site you end up at knows the URL of the page you came from, and therefore knows what you were searching for when you found the link. Most of the people that end up at my site via a search engine were looking for something relavent, either my site name, or something about webcams, lamps, rc cars, doorbells, or my name. But every once in a while, I get a really off topic search, and that is what I call a googlesnack. If you don't like some of these, keep in mind that someone else was looking for these things. I'm only the messenger.

once upon a time there was a bogus referrer tag. his name was Reffie and he liked to play games! No, I don't have any idea.
pics of geeky people YEAH!
honda girls in thongs
16 year olds naked pics
And when that didn't work.....
naked 16 year old girls
use cuecat as motion sensor hmmmmm..
pictures of male age 18 That's a first
pics of the captured

Elizabeth Smart Googlesnacks. These might be disturbing, but people are actually searching for these things. Feel free to not read them.

elizabeth smart abuse pics
elizabeth smart, sexual abuse
what did elizabeth smart go through
elizabeth smart pics
elizabeth smart marriage ceremony
elizabeth smart legally married
elizabeth smart is legally married
stupid ohio marriage laws