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All Good Things....

April 01, 2003 22:44

Recent events in my life are going to interfere with the continued operation of this site. I plan to soon return to school, find additional work, and move. Keeping the site will not be possible for the near future. I'm unsure if I will keep some of the ancillary features active, like the chatroom, which can be operated almost anywhere, but the cameras, car, and lights will no longer be operational. I'm hoping this downtime won't be more than a few months, but the absence will kill the momentum of visitors to the site, so popularity will severely wane, and therefore starting it back up won't be much of a priority. I might choose to keep it down forever. However, time will tell what actually happens.

For all the nice people I've met over the last 5 years, I thank you for the comments, suggestions, and the entertainment you've provided.

And for all the assholes out there who I've had endless patient tolerance for, please accept my sincere gratitude when I tell you to kindly go fuck yourselves.

-Paul Mathis