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January 09, 2003 23:03

So I'm pondering what I'm going to use to cushion the rc car. Mostly to prevent damage from collisions with various things, like, walls, furniture, cabinets, cats, whatever. Reccomended by Wesm, the best idea I come up with is to get some foam rubber toy blocks. So I troll down to walmart and peruse around in the toy isles for a bit, looking for anything closely resembling foam rubber toy blocks. And I find absolutely nothing that would fit that description. I did notice, however, that everyone in the toy isle, were not kids. But anyway.

So I continue wandering the store, trying to think of a good off the wall question to ask a random walmart employee to catch him all unexpected, when I pass the pool toy isle. And sticking out of this box is a whole bunch of Funnoodles. What is a funnoodle you may ask? Well, I didn't know what it was either until I saw it. It's cheap too. And I look at it, and think PERFECT! The perfect source of foam rubber bumpers. And best of all, it's PINK! Which means, forever and always, people will have something to razz me about. And its important to supply people with a never ending supply of potential razz subjects, or they might get bored and be forced to do.... whatever.

So a good portion of the car will be adorned by pink funnoodle portions, carfully carved out of the funnoodle tube. These funnoodle parts will then be taped to the car, and will provide lots of protection from bumps, as well as making a nice rollcage. I should still have a lot of funnoodle left over once I'm done, so I'll keep it around, so people can ask questions about it.. and wonder about me. Like they won't anyway. :)