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Car sugguestions

January 08, 2003 00:40

I'm expecting the video transmitter to arrive friday, or early next week if not then. Right now, I have a single battery for the car. I expect to obtain a second battery in the near future, but until then, there will be a few hours of downtime each day for recharging. There are two optimal times for this downtime: while I'm sleeping, from about 1 am til 8 am, or while I'm off at work, from about 9 am til 6 pm. Chances are I'll have a spare battery within a week, so most of this isn't THAT important, but in the event anyone has a preference about when the car is offline, now's the time to comment on it.

Event queues are working. Repeated commands to the car will be discarded if the prior commands haven't been executed yet. So constantly clicking the buttons will have as much effect as it does in your average elevator. Wait queues are being worked on now. I have a working theory on how I can work the queues and locking from the webpage, and I should have a working model in a day or so.