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Audio works again

November 17, 2002 21:14

Spent part of the day getting the office and living room audio streaming working again. Still got a few minor problems with it. First off, the linux driver on the living room comp doesn't support full duplex, so it can either record or playback, but not both at the same time. Hopefully I can find a full duplex driver, or figure out how to make it full duplex. ANYTHING. :) Also, there doesn't appear to be an obvious way to prevent feedback. But it works now, and the other problems can wait.

The office audio is still running under windows. I intend to eventually move that to a linux box, although the only one currently available in here that has the processing power to encode live mp3's is the primary server, and I have the same duplex problem on there, only I can't take it down frequently to get the sound working right. Perhaps after getting the LR audio working right, I'll have some ideas.

Office audio also is very.... quiet. The mic in connection doesn't seem to work. The line-in works fine, but since it only has a mic, and not the amplified input it expects, well... it doesn't work too well. I have it maxed out, and it only gets a faint input, but it's better than nothing. As with other things, I'll fix it later.