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The Games Suck

November 15, 2002 12:43

As most people who know me are aware, my budget is rather tight. I have made a habit of aquiring computer equipment for dirt cheap, or free. The decision to spend $20 on something is a hard one, and I have spent many a trip to Fry's, intent on purchasing something, then changing my mind once I'm there, realizing that I don't REALLY need to buy some specific item that day. The net value of all computer equipment I'm using is less than a rent payment.

So needless to say, any games made past 1998 pretty much were unplayable by me. That changed Wednesday night. Fry's had a decent MB/CPU combo on sale, and now I'm running at 4 times my previous speed. So now I've got some games that I've heard about for years but never was able to try. And now I've tried them, and I'm not really THAT impressed.

I played GTA 3, Black & White, and Warcraft III. None of them seem to have that addictive feel that other games have held in the past. I find myself growing bored with them quickly. I think that for all the technical advances, they've neglected to innovate on genre, storyline, and gameplay. Warcraft III is starcraft with a different theme. I can't really even say that the graphics are better, they're just more 3D, but it runs a heck of a lot slower. Oooh Ahhh graphics are great for all of about 5 minutes. Then you concentrate almost completely on the game. And if the gameplay is old and stale, well, it won't be holding my interest for long.

I'll probably slowly work my way through WC3, but the other two games I don't even have the desire to try again. Maybe someday if I'm REALLY REALLY bored, but until that day, the best benefit of a faster computer is the high quality Divx movies will play smoothly in full screen mode. Still, it definitely wasn't a bad deal for $89 :)