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August 12, 2002 11:54

Since obtaining the domain name and adapting a theme for the site around it, the popularity of the site has increased substantially. More sites are linking to me, more people keep coming back. This is wonderful news.

However, there is a downside. The trolls have come out of the woodwork in force. Of course, there have always been the occasional troll. Rude people, morons, kids with way too much free time on their hands and a serious malicious streak. They've always been out there, but they usually show up one at a time, be annoying for a little while, then leave, never to return.

Now, however, they come back too. And when more than a few of them show up at the same time, things start to get ugly. I can stand it. People have said everything in the world to me, and verbal abuse predates the internet. But these trolls aren't only annoying me. They're annoying my other guests. And at some point I'm going to feel compelled to stop them. Of course, there's a good chance that once school starts again, most of these people will disappear. I've already got automated protection for those who get clever and decide to script attack the website. If necessary I'll add a moderation system for the comments and captures. I hate to go to these extremes, but I see what the other large forums have to put up with. Its sad that its required at all, but it seems that the perceived anonymous nature of the internet has given some people the impression that they can be moronic assholes to everyone.