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CFOX Strikes Again!

August 09, 2002 00:33

That's right. I've been listed on the geek of the week page at CFOX Radio in Vancouver. They first covered my site a month ago, at which Karen (I think she's the traffic gal) made a wisecrack referring to my site as drive me insane dot com. Well, I thought it was a perfectly spiffy name, so I adopted it as my domain and even styled the site after it.

Apparently they noticed, because they decided to feature it again, based on my domain adoption. :)

The sprinkler is still working and I've got most of the kinks ironed out of that. You can now see how much time is left for the day by hovering the cursor over the sprinkler icon.

I've added a new feature. Every time the page is loaded a current insanity level value is computed and displayed. This value attempts to determine how insane I currently am based on how often people are playing with my lights. It still needs some tweaking.