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Corky is like... SO awesome!

July 28, 2002 23:10

Thanks to my dear sweet beautiful friend, I now have a domain. will now be the new address for the site instead of using the ip address all the time. Its not working yet as of this posting, but should be within the next 24 hours. I'll make changes everywhere and maybe adapt the name to the site itself at that time.

In addition to spending money on me, she's also submitted her own icons for the computers on the status table. Those cute slick computer icons are her creation (or at least she stole and modified them herself. I'm not about to complain about it either way :)

So now that she has made my day, someone needs to go visit her site and buy some hosting services, lest she try to exact retribution by making me her sex slave. shudders

Actually... on second thought.... that might not be so bad... hmmmmmm