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More icons

July 28, 2002 01:53

You'll probably notice an extra row of lamp icons, including two motion sensors. The porch lamp you can see at night when looking out the front door, and the Xmas tree is not visible from any cam, but both of these lamps are on the X10 network so I've included them. You can't control them right now, and you will probably never be able to control the porch lamp as I don't want to annoy my neighbors any more than absolutely necessary.

The two motion sensors will turn red for one minute anytime one of the sensors is tripped. This doesn't do anything useful unless you're watching all the time, but it might be interesting to notice it when people are milling about in the rooms with sensors. Eventually it is my plan to add more sensors around the house, so these things will become more active as I add more.

The next set of icons to add will be the computer icons. Each computer on the network will be represented by an icon that displays its current status. Although most of the computers and other equipment will be operational at all times, the doorbell server will need to monitor these things anyway, especially the hub as part of the contingency plan to keep the network running in case the hub locks up. Some computers might also have the reset switch wired. The option to turn on, off, and reboot might show up on the page, although they'll be darkened for regular users. Although there are 12 computers on the network, due to space requirements, not all of them might be displayed. I'll see what I have to work with.