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Nothing Happened Today

July 12, 2002 19:41

Yes, its official. Nothing useful happened today. I woke up earlier because a customer was having difficulties with their network. After doing some minor troubleshoot I determined (guessed) that it must a flaky hub, since there were bad storms last night.

The hub in question is still under the 30 day (bring it back to Fry's and we'll refund it no questions asked) time period, but I didn't have the receipt for it here. So I swing by Fry's on my way there to purchase another hub. I look for the same model, but there's only one left, and it had already been returned once. I typically avoid Fry's returns like the plague, but for my master plan to succeed, I needed the EXACT same model, so I bought it anyway.

Drove to the customer, swapped out the hub, everything worked perfectly from that point on. And of course, NATCH, while I'm out there, while things are easy to fix, they can't find any problems with anything. Problems are reserved for times when I'm only available through the phone. Or at 7 am.

So I return to Fry's, put the old hub into the well... "new" box and take it in to return the disfunctional hub. Seeing how it had already been returned once, they gladly accepted the "it doesn't work right" explaination and rebox it.. probably to put it back on the shelf as-is for the next customer to enjoy. Maybe it will work for them, who knows. So I get a voucher, browse Fry's to take a look at everything I can't afford right now, cash out the voucher and leave. And so I'm out nothing.

And then I drive home. And nothing else happened. Oh well, its a Friday night. Something might happen later. And if not, well... who cares. :)