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Leslie has 4 dates

July 12, 2002 20:22

Well, at least 4 people have responded to her personal ad. This is good news, as she has been avoiding men since the horrible Jon incident, but we won't go there. Well, there was the teacher she was stalking, but he didn't count. And the guy in her logic class, and the hairy guy behind her in her computer class.....

But OTHER THAN THAT... she got 4 responses to her personal ad. At least ONE of them she managed to sucker int.... er... really wants to go out with her to Rocky, the Freddie Prince Jr. knockoff one specifically. Anyways, since 4 men at once might not be enough for her, you might consider checking out her personal ad.

In other completely unrelated news, its come to my attention from some people that visiting me makes them feel more normal than they originally believed they were. I'll assume that's a complement. In any event, at least SOMEONE'S feeling better about it. Might as well be me. :)