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July 5, 2002 17:08

Tonight is my monthly 2600 meeting. Depending on how the job I'm applying for goes, it might be the last one I attend for a while. A dear friend of mine won't be there and chances are I won't be able to see her any other time because she's apparently developed an addiction to an online game. She asked me to drop her an email telling her what's going on in my life. I suppose she forgot about my news page.

10th Year High school reunion is sometime this summer. Do I want to go? Well, the last time I talked to a friend from high school was 6 years ago. Recently I talked to someone that I NEVER want to see again, but he'll definitely be there. So I think back. Who were my friends? My best friend in high school didn't even go to my school. I never finished college, I don't have a glamourous job. I haven't made my first million yet. In fact, my dream of going back to shine up those who looked down on me seems so far away, I can barely recall ever feeling that way. So do I need to go to hang out for a few hours with a bunch of people that never gave a shit about me, only to discover that nothing has changed?

This weekend, other than some much needed yardwork, I plan to test out an idea to get a 2x zoom on some of the cams without any special hardware. The only issue is that this will put an extra load on the server. It remains to be seen how well this can be handled.