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July 4, 2002 9:46

Happy Independance Day!

Well, I've finally rolled off the front page at, but not off the geek page yet. Someone thought they had to link me from the description of Wil Wheaton's site. So I suppose another week of minor hits from the page, but it shouldn't be too bad.

And so now my 15 minutes of fame are up.... again. Although this run lasted about 3 weeks. Starting with a plug in one of my comments on, within a day, posted a link to my site. That was a nice surge of hits that slowed down after a week, but promptly picked me up and the surge continued.

Now, will only keep me famous for 2 days, before I roll off the top page and back into the realm of the unknown, but unlike most sites, this one resulted in a LOT of other sites linking to me. Mostly forums and livejournals and the like. A LOT of livejournals. :)

So even after's direct traffic dies off, the other sites keep a pretty steady flow for the next several days. And then, last thursday, CFOX radio in Vancouver airs their weekly "Geek of the Week" segment, of which I happen to be the star. And so the traffic surges again. And that remained pretty steady all week long. Until today. And today, I wake up, and the hits are back to a the normal steady dribble. Like I'm used to!

Now that things are back to normal, I'll probably give it a rest for a bit. My lights haven't stopped flickering in 3 weeks. I'll probably avoid any plugs that might spark another avalanche of publicity, although if a local radio station wants to do a segment on me, I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!!! HINT!!!

Anyways, going to go do stuff today, watch fireworks, clean house maybe. And chat with all my new regulars that I've obtained over the last week.

There's also been some discussion about a convention of sorts here sometime, to give everyone a chance to meet me in person, and to meet everyone else that constantly drops by to chat. There are of course no dates set yet, but chances are good that the first such opportunity will be sometime around October/November after things cool down, but before it gets too cold.