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Day 2 in London

April 25, 2015 01:47

We woke up and rode a bus over London Bridge to the Shard where we ate breakfast at the Aqua restaurant, which is on a high level of that building, which I believe is the tallest building in London, and possibly England. Breakfast was very good, although expensive. That's not surprising though, as I'm discovering EVERYTHING in Europe is expensive, but maybe it's just the places we chose to eat. No matter.

We returned to the hotel to grab something and then headed to the meeting place for the London Walk we were going on. We met at the entrance to a Tube station, walked down to a pier and boarded a ferry. All the while, our guide was giving us a history lesson on Brunel and the various architectural and nautical accomplishments in his life. The ferry docked and we observed an old ship launching structure, then walked along the Thames coastline until we got to a park, then took a train with a connection ending at Wapping station where we were able to see the entrance to Brunel's tunnel which is now used by one of the train lines. After that, we got off at the next stop, visited the small Brunel museum and ate lunch at the Mayflower Pub.

From there, we went to Churchill's Imperial war museum and explored it for a while. After that, we tracked down the Ghost Bus tour pickup location and bought ourselves tickets to the ride that was leaving soon. That was a comedy tour of the various morbid features of London and its history, ghost stories, and on-bus entertainment with a creepy "inspector". Lots of fun and killed a couple hours. After that, we returned to the hotel and ordered room service for dinner.