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Day 3 in Paris

February 02, 2015 16:54

Sorry for the delay. Figured I should continue this before I forgot everything we did. :)

Gertie woke me that morning having already run down to the bakery and brought us back breakfast. I did not object to this act of kindness on her part. We ate, got ready, and boarded the RER and got off at the Denfert Rochereau stop, which is right across the street from the entrance to the publicly accessible catacombs. Since the line was about 3 1/2 hours long, I took the opportunity to take many pictures of the surrounding area.

Finally we gained entrance to the catacombs, which involved a climb down 80 or so steps, and a long walk in underground tunnels. After about a half mile of walking, we entered the ossuary, and most of the remainder of the walk comprised a narrow tunnel between arranged columns of human bones.

The exit required another climb of 83 steps and we emerged from a nondescript building at the middle of a side street. A novelty shop was located across the street, so we bought a few trinkets and used the bathroom.

Once we figured out where we were, which was about a mile away from where we started, we took public transportation to Victor Hugo's house and wandered around there a bit, as well as through a busy park and back. By the time we were out of there, it was getting into evening already and we were pretty tired, so we made our way back to our hotel's neighborhood, bought a pizza at a local shop, and took it back to the hotel to eat dinner.