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Database cleaning

August 31, 2010 08:33

In the near future, probably sometime next week, I'm doing to do some housecleaning in the database. Somewhere I've got a bug that allows (probably unintentionally) for people to change their user id #. This isn't a security issue, but it does screw up the id matching system for various pages on this system. I first need to figure out how it's happening, or code to prevent it from happening at all (probably both would be a good idea). After I get THAT fixed, I'm going to reset all of the user id's to match their file offset. This will only really affect anyone who created an account in the last few months AND has a cam on the site. The last 20 cams created by users with funny id numbers will get purged. Looking through the database, most of the affected cams were never activated, so this won't be much of a loss. I've also got several memory leaks that I need to find and plug. They're beginning to annoy me.

In more happier news, I'm also going to get the main server updated. It won't cost me any more... will actually cost me less than I'm paying now, and I'll have a CPU that's about 20x faster and a lot more ram and HD space. This will hopefully help performance, although most of the time performance really isn't an issue anyway. Having more HD space will help a lot though.