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The Next Party

February 17, 2004 22:27

Will be HERE, in The Colony, TX, on March 13, 2004. 18+ only. If you want to come, RSVP to Party will last all night and people may stay over if they like. Weather permitting, the pool might also be available. For those unable to attend, the party will be broadcast with both video and audio, as expected, and will also be recorded for later downloading. I will attempt to get the living room cam mounted and zoomable before then, and maybe even pannable if I get around to it, but don't hold your breath.

I've changed the position and the aim of the back porch cam to view the pool. It was originally set up the view the bubbles, but the bubble machine seems to not want to function any longer, so I'm going to have to tear into it and find out why. For the moment however, it'll be offline.

Cari now has a cam she plans to leave on all the time. It's hiding in the plant next to her computer in the living room. We'll probably set up something controllable in view of that cam enventually. Maybe.. :)

I moved the hallway lamp from the end of the hallway to the top of the black shelf in the kitchen. It'll work better there and won't interfere with the ongoing furniture rearrangment struggle currently going on in the living room. The living room cam has also slightly changed position. I'll try to get it mounted on the wall, so it'll be higher and in reach of the cat5 cable I have convienently stashed in the attic so I can wire up the zoom on the cam and that will be controllable too.

I've decided to wire up the barcode scanner in the garage where my fridge is. Then the inventory will actually change again, and hopefully be up to date. I just need to clear a spot first, and set up a monitor. But soon.. hopefully.