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Automated googlesnack generator

January 11, 2004 16:15

Well, it's not really THAT exciting, just a little script I wrote to extract the google searches that end up in a clickthrough to my site. Now you can see the last few day's worth by going here. As you can see, many of the searches are either relevent or at least have expected results. I'm sure people searching for "insane" aren't really looking for my site, but nobody's shocked when they end up here. However, when people are searching for "savethebeansprouts" or how do you hook up a car receiver in your house or tyler durden pics or 15-18 year old girl pics, you just have to wonder. Eventually I'll resume posting weekly googlesnack picks from the full set, but for now you can see it all in its uncensored, unedited glory.

Added a couple lamps in the garage. I'll probably still move them around, but now there are more things to play with. I'm going to set up another cam in there and move the other one to face a different direction, so there will be more space to work with. Hoping to add at least one gadget a day for a while, at least until I've used up all my X10 modules or run out of lamps. I still need to run more cables, hook up 3 more cams, get the doorbell wired, and find a suitable place for the barcode scanner, and then hope people will actually feel compelled to use the silly thing.