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Been a while

July 15, 2003 18:48

A few minor updates:

I will be shortly replacing spaz (the primary server) with a new server. I had it going on sunday, but it was almost immediately rooted. My fault for trusting a distribution out of the box wouldn't include server programs with known vulnerabilities, even if they DID do it in the past. Anyway, reloaded and updated so it should be clean now. I'll attempt to replace it again as soon as I have a calm moment.

Found some nice temperature sensors and I'm currently working on a way to feed data from them to the computers so I can display temperature information throughout the house, and outside, so it will no longer be necessary to obtain the temperature information from NOAA, which seems more often than not to not be available, hence the constant (-1F) you see.

I've started using the barcode scanner again and tracking my groceries. It might amuse some of you.

TechTV called today, looking to do another feature on my site, so they'll likely be out here in the next week or so, although they've discussed the possibility before several times and nothing's happened. This seems more dedicated though, so we'll see. That gives me a week to get my house cleaned and throw up a few more gadgets.