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A few new things

February 23, 2003 10:14

Yes, I know the car is broken again. I managed to find an exact replacement for the transistors, but the circuit board itself has taken some abuse with all my soldering & resoldering, so I don't want to have to replace it more than one more time. As soon as I can get some transistor sockets I'll solder those onto the board instead of the transistors themselves, so whenever one of the transistors blow again, I can just swap them out in a couple minutes without the downtime.

Another nifty (at least I seem to think so) feature. Check the manifest page. Some of the pictures on there now have a slideshow... a motion picture if you will. Just hover the mouse over a picture and they'll play a sequence of recorded images until you move the mouse off the picture. Soon, I should have all the manifest page images enabled with this feature and some of the visitors page images.

Finally got the HD cleaned off enough that I'm running fsck on the nuked partition. I started it yesterday. It's still running. And it's been recovering about 4 files a second. There might actually be some hope.