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Cookie Madness and other things

July 14, 2002 19:04

Well, I was hoping to have user accounts working by the end of this weekend, but I have had some serious difficulties with cookies and the fact that my server wants to serve cookies that it shouldn't, and wreaks havok with the file sizes. Anyway, whenever I get all the bugs ironed out of that nightmare, hopefully I'll be able to get back onto other things, like Jeeves.

In other news, I'll be attending the Friend's of the Library book faire this week in Plano, TX. On the 17th volunteers spend the day setting up the faire which will run for 3 days and offer (and hope to sell) around 150,000 books. Volunteers of course get first dibbs, as the Thursday evening opening night is a mob scene. Hardcover books are $1 apiece and paperbacks are 50 cents apiece. I have no problem stocking up on a year's worth of reading material for about $25. I'll be there all day Wednesday during the setup and for a couple hours Thursday evening. Its located at the Plano Centre on Spring Creek, one block east of 75. For more information, check here.

Right now, the informal timeframe of the "Meet & Greet" will be sometime around Halloween. Most likely over a weekend. More details will be forthcoming as more information is available.