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Day 4 of Cruising

May 27, 2015 01:22

A couple of days prior to this point, one of the passengers developed a serious heart condition. The ship has a medical center on board, basically the equivalent of an Urgent Care, so they can handle minor medical issues, but more serious things require offboarding the patient to a land based hospital. Not a huge problem... except we're in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. As it turns out, the most accessible option to get the patient to a hospital was to stop by the Azores. So dawn on the 4th day had us approching Ponta Delgada. We didn't dock at the island but stopped about a mile offshore and a smaller boat docked with us and ferried the patient to shore. The whole process took a few hours.

A plus side of being stationary for that long is this was the first opporunity for them to open the North Star, and since nobody on board had yet had the opportunity to ride it, there was a rather long line waiting for it. At least we had some nice scenery while we waited. After a couple hours our turn came up and we boarded the ride, and it lifted us about 300ft above the top of the ship and we got a nice view of the ship and surrounding area. By this time we were leaving the area.

After getting off the North Star, it was time for the flash mob marriage proposal. Keep in mind this was rather well organized as flash mobs go. The only person who wasn't fully aware of what was going on was the girl getting proposed to. I volunteered my laptop to play a background video and in the process got talked into being DJ for the event. Lots of fun.

That evening we ate dinner at Chic, then watched the musical Momma Mia. We hit the dance hall again for a while, and then headed back to the room to sleep.