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Day 1 Cruising Continued

April 26, 2015 08:02

The stateroom wasn't exactly roomy, but was certainly large enough to move around without having to climb over each other. It included a king sized bed, a sofa, a desk, a bathroom with shower, and lots of closet and dresser space. The suitcases fit nicely under the bed, so once everything was put away, we had a nice little home away from home away from land. Getting ahead of ourselves a bit though, since our luggage hadn't arrived yet (other than what we carried on with us). There were a few minor issues, namely our safe didn't work and the AC either didn't work or wouldn't let us set it (can't remmeber now). We were also having issues with scheduling and despite having made reservations for dinner and the shows each night months in advance, we had to reschedule much of it.

Our window was a square porthole that didn't open (no balcony on this room), with curtains. There was also a nice sized TV set embedded in the wall which we could watch various programs/movies on, as well as interact with our onboard account. We didn't watch much TV on the trip. No time.

We stashed the stuff we had with us and free of encumberances, went about exploring the ship. First we checked out all of the restaurants and took pictures of most of them. Eventually we found our way to Club 270 which was just past the deli we ate at earlier. There we chatted for a while with a few people that we'd met. We took this opportunity to order our drinks packages and get the sticker for our cards to show we had it.

Wandering back in the other direction as it was getting close to time for muster call, we passed one of the bars and met up with some other people we had met the day before. They informed us, much to everyone's delight, that the self-serve beverage dispensers in that particular bar were dispensing free wine. Our new friends had discovered this while exploring the ship themselves and for some reason hadn't continued with their exploration after that and instead decided to taste test all of the available wines. Gertie decided it would be a good idea to help out.

It was finally time to go to muster call and our new companions were disappointed that they were only allowed to bring ONE glass of wine each with them to muster call. We found our muster station without incident and waited around until that gathering activity was concluded, before continuing on with our exploration.

Once we had that taken care of, we continued exploring and found the theater at the other end of the ship. There were numerous shops we passed along the way, but most of them weren't open at this time. We then took the elevator up to the deck levels and explored the solarium, pools, and finally decided to claim a couple of lounge chairs and watch as the ship left port.

After we were on our way, it was time to watch our first live show, named Starwater. It was a live dance rendition set mostly to clips from Vogue and Starfall's theme, combined with acrobatics, and a room and screens that had 6 degrees of movement. It was certainly an interesting display of the capabilities of the technology built into that venue.

After the show, we had dinner reservations at the American Icon Grill. The food wasn't bad, but the service wasn't so hot. We were frequently forgotten about, I never got any refills on my drink, and after dessert we eventually just left because we couldn't see any point in sticking around any longer. Oh well, they still have a few kinks to work out I guess.

We finally headed back to our room where the remainder of our luggage awaited us, so we hauled it all in and unpacked. Once we were finished with that, we were exhausted and went to bed.