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July 21, 2013 06:29

Work has continued to keep me busy. In other news, we cleaned out our storage buildings, which means that there's a lot of extra stuff in the house, which results in a mess, and that prevents both additional cameras and having the critter avaialble. However, I have not been idle.

One of the items pulled from storage was an old metal desk. It replaced one of the tables in the office. Since it was a foot less wide than the table was, I built an extra cabinet of the same height with an area below for the computers which before had been either on the floor or on the tables. Clears up space.

Since all of the kids have moved out now, I decided to claim Marjorie's room as a organized storage area. First I broke down her huge bedframe, modified it for a king mattress, and built a new headboard bookshelf and moved it into our bedroom. I then moved all of the bookshelves and bookcases that had previously been in the dining room, upstairs into Marjorie's room, along with all of the books. Now it's just a matter of gathering the other loose bulky items that are scattered around the house, and pack them in there.

I've got the camera working in the car again. The truck had a nice armrest to set the laptop on, whereas the new car has no such feature, and a lot less space. I had hoped eventually to purchase and install a computer into the dashboard, replacing the stock radio, but researching that has been an excersize in futility. It's certainly possible, but it seems like it would be a nightmare to get working properly, and so I'm putting that off until later. For now, I'm just setting the laptop on top of the drink carrier and plan to stash it away most of the time and only bring it out occasionaly to check the connectivity. We've got a trip coming up soon, so there will be a good chance to see how well that will work out.