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#6: CFOX

August 05, 2012 18:03

June 2002. By that time, the site had a few major links which brought some publicity and each time a few new regulars. Early in the year, I was linked from Ernie's House of Whoopass, followed shortly after by I Love Bacon. By interacting with more people each day, I was more motivated to improve the look and feel of the site, as well as add new features. So leading up to June, I had quite a bit of fresh features and new material. One morning, I wake up and I hear faster than usual lamp activity, and a lot more messages than is typical for 7:30ish in the morning. Incoming messages indicate that I was currently being talked about on CFOX radio, during the morning show's Geek of the Week segement. They were done interacting by the time I figured out what was going on and managed to get the listen live plugin to work, but mp3's of the event are on the downloads page.

That was the first radio show that featured my site (that I know of), and certainly wasn't the last, but it was significant for a very important reason. During the few minutes when they were talking about the site, one of the dj's asks, sarcastically, "What is this? Drive Me Insane Dot Com?" Up until that point, my site was referenced only by IP address. A month later, I was doing some redesigning of the page and it was suggested to me that I really needed a domain name. The choices were between DMI and My Geeky Life. You can see which one won out.