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More Projects and other news

January 16, 2011 19:49

Took a short roadtrip this weekend to see Tif and the baby. Some of the projects were aimed toward that trip, so while their immediate priority is way down, I still want the gps and cam features avialable for future trips. Right now, I'm still focusing on the relaybox. At least THAT is almost done. Part of the issue is simply the fact that without having all of the components ready and available, I spend a great deal of time on busywork trying to gather components and tools, and not so much time actually doing the nuts and bolts of soldering. Even so, the actual construction time is taking longer than expected. I guess I'm just slow :). I DO expect my speed to improve as I do these things more often; I know my speed on constructing the sign improved the more I worked on it. I also know that MOST of my time spent revolves around not having pre-etched traces and requiring constant manipulation of the component leads. Still, with the purchase of one more part, I'm hoping I'll be able to finish THAT project in a day or so. That just leaves like 16 more. Ugh. Double Ugh.

Still, with hopes that I can eventually catch up, I'm going to trudge onward and keep adding to the daunting list by posting new projects. Here are a few more.
14Prep for an 8 outlet triac based electrical box instead of using relays.
15Build the triac box.
16>Document the triac box.
17Program equivalent functions to utilize the parport device driver instead of communicating with the port directly. Be sure to account for the TS-7200 commands.
18Update all programs that access the parallel port with the new functions.
19Install VC++ and start using the tutorials.
20Continue practicing using VC++.
21Research an option for a server based ventrillo type system that can integrate well with the site.