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More Florida Fun

August 31, 2010 19:54

... continued. Sunday morning, before dawn, Gertie and I went out to the ocean and I took a quick dip in the water. After that fun, we came back, got cleaned up, and went to Skidders for a quick breakfast. We lounged around for a while and dressed up and the three of us went to Brunch at the Trade Winds resort down the street. After feeding the swan and fish in the small pond there, we returned to the hotel and went out to play on the beach for a few hours. This is where the multiple bottles of suntan lotion REALLY paid off... as we used all of it for ONE application on the three of us. We headed out to the beach, paid quite a bit to rent a cabana for a few hours, and mostly just enjoyed the beach. Swam a bit, made some sandcastles, looked for some shells, got sunburnt (in spite of all that lotion). A storm blew in coincidentally about the time we decided to head back anyway, so we went back to the room and got changed.

That evening we went to Walmart to buy some groceries so we could have a few meals in the room and also to make sandwiches for the Shell Key trip later in the week. We also purchased a much larger bottle of suntan lotion for use during the rest of the week. That night we had hotdogs and just kinda crashed. It WAS a long day afterall.

To be continued...