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Flash Mode Works (I Think)

October 29, 2009 07:11

The dathtml page now has a relaymode option for flash, which sets up a flash applet that will stream your webcam image to the server, and then the server will reserve the image for website viewers. This allows people who are unable to easily configure their network to be able to easily set up a streaming webcam. However, this is not a remarkably fast option. It barely gets more than 1 frame per second, at least with the applet I'm currently using. I'm sure I can either find a better one or write my own eventually, but for the moment, the option to quickly create a new cam is available to those who would otherwise not have it. This also allows one to use the http post option within webcamxp to stream the webcam images, however it will also suffer from the same 1fps limitation.

I have solved some of the memory problems with the camrelay program. By using httprecv for incoming GET requests, the built in timeout features means that more threads are ending sanely and shutting down instead of hanging indefinitely. This has thus resulted in far fewer open threads and fewer allocated image buffers. I've also reduced the stack size of each thread from 10 megs to 256K. I can make that even smaller, but I'm currently using a lot of local variables that are rather large, instead of dynamically allocating them as needed (and perhaps much smaller). In any event, I still have a memory leak in there somewhere, but at least I've fixed the big ones.