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Where the Heck have I Been!

April 28, 2009 20:51

So much for keeping up with frequent updates. I've been busy. As good an excuse as any.

For those that didn't catch the subtle meaning of the last entry, Estwald died due to complications of a surgery to fix a previously botched surgery on a hernia operation. Plenty has already been said about it in the comments and other forums of this site, so I'm not going to elabrate much. He was a good friend and we'll miss him.

Gertie and Marjorie went to England for a week and made sure we did our part to keep the travel industry alive and well. They brought back lots of pictures, some of which I will post here for everyone to view in the near future.

I've started to clean up the pages on the site, make them more pretty, write more coherently, and add what I hope is more productive advertising. I've had ads on the site for the last few years, but I've kept them as unobtrusive as possible. So much so in fact, that they've been functionally useless. I don't intend to turn this site into a flashing billboard of rampant commercialism or anything, but I need to start finding ways to draw some revenue from it, as my income requirements are pulling attention away from more trivial pursuits... like this site. Time spent on it would be better justified if there was a reasonable income stream. So there ya go.

I'm developing a DMI banner, which will sit on every page... the exact location I'm not yet certain of. This banner won't be used for advertising, at least not on on DMI itself, but instead either programming or admin invervention will best guess the motives and interest of each visitor, and display text and links to areas of the site that would be of further interest to them. It's my hope that this might help to retain more of the many visitors who drop by for at most a couple minutes without exploring much of the site.

The test server I've been working on is functional now. I'm now working on building a few small servers to handle non-critical tasks to test the framework in a production environment and work out any bugs while not impacting the entire site in the process.

I'm also working on a new blog type format. As I intend to start adding massive amounts of content to this site, I'm working on a unique way of organizing all of it such that it would end up being a competant resource for a first time vistior, and yet offer up new content in a recurring format for regulars. I'm thinking of a book type of format, where the desired content is laid out in an outline type format and the book gets filled in as it gets written, with additional "chapters" for news which is unrelated to any static concepts. The entries will also be organized chronilogically so they can be accessed in the order they were entered for those that want to visit daily to view updates. This is still just an idea I'm working toward and nothing is concrete yet.