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Third Week

January 18, 2009 18:18

And as I wait for the minutes to tick off of the last hour of what remains of my long weekend, I shall review the last week and plan for the next. As with the week before, I didn't accomplish everything I set out to do, and I feel I didn't even accomplish as much as I had the previous week. I seriously MUST do something about all that. Anyways, here's a recap.

Nova and Amadeus are still in operation. Amadeus now has lampmaster control and I've started the process of moving files off the internal drive from Nova to Amadeus. Since I'm moving one file at a time and deleting what I don't need as I go, this is taking a little while. I suspect I will be done with it by the end of the week though. I also need to move over the other external HD that is currently hosted off of Nova. I'm probably going to need a USB hub for all of this. I HAVE a couple USB hubs, but the last time I tried using one I had issues. I'm not sure if that's a problem with the hubs or a problem with Hal, the computer I was trying to stuff an ungodly number of drives onto. I also was attempting to do all of this without the properly included power supply, so all bets are off there. I'll make a new effort this week to get that functional again.

I haven't exactly drawn up a map of all the computers on my network, but I've at least gotten them listed in a table. You can see it what I have so far here.

I've (mostly) cleaned off my desk. That's the extent of the cleaning process so far and I've made no efforts so far on electronics organization.

I've made some minor programming changes to a few of the dynamic pages. The administration page is now available to everyone who has a cam on the site, although the data is limited to just those who are watching the cam. It does provide a convienent way to respond to the viewers other than using the chatroom. I am however currently having an IE issue with the ajax code on the page and need to get that solved before I deploy it to everyone.

The critter lost a wheel. I've been debating taking the opportunity to pull off the two back motors and replace them with casters to see if the critter has better mobility. On a flat surface it won't be an issue but there could be problems climbing over the thresholds. It will also mean a reduction in power as it'll be reduced to only one motor per side instead of two.

For the next week, I'm going to try to just finish the current projects that are in the queue. I'm going to have more new ones to add shortly, but I don't want to get too far behind.