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Several Things

March 15, 2007 11:55

First off, the tank is drivable by everyone who has an account, including those who create one solely for the purpose of driving it. I'll eventually let all Anons drive it.... probably, but for the moment, I want to keep in place the ability to control the driver through an account. If for some reason someone decides to systematically abuse the vehicle and creates new accounts to continue it, I have a simple solution to the problem. I can just fix it so only people with accounts several days old will be able to drive it. This stops the abuse while letting most regular people continue to drive it unhindered. Of course, new people will be unable to play immediately, but such is life.

And a public service announcement of sorts, a policy issue on captures. The cams on this site can be captured, and I require you to leave a caption to do so. People are going to leave comments. Most of the time the comments will be nice or at least a neutral observation. Other times, the comments will be downright rude or harrassing, in which case, the caption and/or capture can be removed. However, there seems to be some issue with regards to comments that are, for all practical purposes, the opinion of the viewer. It might simply be a straight-up observation, or a semi-stereotypical viewpoint which some people might find offensive if they try hard enough. Of course, some people, usually with only the best of intentions at heart, decide to take a kneejerk reaction and respond, sometimes with much more emphasis or force than the original comment called for. This tends to have no useful result.

If the original capper is a troll, which happens at times, you're feeding their behavior and encouraging him to continue. If the capper is simply making an observation, perhaps a bit miguided but an observation nonetheless, and you rush to the defense of the capture subject by deploring the comment, you give the caption author... and others who are watching, the impression that we overreact to absolutely everything that could be even remotely be considered negative. And, to be fair, it is usually not the owner of the cam in question that perpetuates this. Those of us who put ourselves on cam do so at the expense of what the world might want to offer up in response. Someone truely being rude certainly deserves a response, but it is the owner's place to do so. Commentary by others is certainly welcome, but if the cam owner chooses to let it slide, support that decision by not overreacting on their behalf.

And on another slightly related issue, if this community is having a problem with you and we choose to actually discuss the issue with you instead of outright banning you, try not to justify the complaints against you by responding in a childish way to honest critism. If we're talking to you about it, that means we'd actually like for you to stick around, we're just hoping for a slight modification of your behavior.