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More Updates Needed

September 10, 2006 18:16

Several updates are about to be implemented, as soon as I can allocate a swath of time to do it uninterrupted. First off, the visitors database will be updated.... finally.. with lots of new features. I'll also fix the bug that's preventing new accounts from being added, as well as causing the database to grow unusually large for no obvious reason. I suspect it's a related issue.

Secondly, I've been revamping the dynamic code for the site. Message replies will show up in a small window below the send form, or maybe above it, I've not decided yet. That can be a layout issue. I'm going to CSS the main page and add some dhtml features to the layout. It'll be nice to be able to make certain links grow in size when someone asks a question, and the bulbs will update on the page. I MIGHT even update the currently active list of cams & devices, and a dead cam will show a useful "not currently online" image instead of a broken link. I'm hoping to completely eliminate the hidden frame and any need for popups, since both of these things fail to work quite often now.

Once the bathroom, Tif's sink, and our bedroom is complete, I'm diving full force into electronics work for future projects. Both the car and the light show I'm planning to build will require some prototyping work first.