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A Camp, and a Missing Tooth

June 25, 2006 12:24

Marjorie goes off to camp today. We'll be comforted in the knowledge that the location of this camp is a safely guarded secret. At least on the site for the camp. A child predator looking for a children's camp will thankfully not be able to locate it, since it is not immediately visible to anyone visiting the site. Of course, all you have to do to GET the location of the camp is to register your child to attend, but clearly that is more trouble than a child predator is willing to go to. In fact, visiting the camp itself seems like a bit too much trouble. I would think that any strange person that isn't a parent, counselor, or child would stand out like a sore thumb and would be immediately reported. But I digress. We must create the illusion of safety for the sake of the children and the sake of the paranoid. Your children are far more likely to get a nasty case of poison ivy, or some other conventional camp related ailment. I wonder if the site fails to mention that as well.. hmmmmm

Anabelle-Bob had a tooth sticking out, such that it looked like she was walking around with a toothpick. It was painful to the touch, she wasn't able to eat, and her breath smelled, so there was some obvious decay issues. Since we discovered this on a saturday night, and the earliest we'd be able to get her into a vet at normal working hours would be monday morning, we decided we'd better take her to one of these emergency vets. Gertie did the phone thing and we learned another interesting trait about Denison. All the Vets here are either owned by the same company, or they're some type of Cartel. In any event, they refused to see us because we haven't previously used a Vet in Denison before. There were no exceptions to this rule, and the answering service was quite rude in expressing this. The only alternative was to drive an hour to the emergency vet in Collin County. So we did. They were very nice, took her immediately, took care of the problem, and we were out of there. We spent more time driving than anything else. Turns out, she had a case of tooth rot, probably had for a while, and the bacteria had finally eaten through enough of it that it broke off, thus the loose nature. It came out easy and the vet perscribed some antibiotics and pain killers, which I must administer for the next several days, at much displeasure to the cat. She's now a kitty with a missing lower canine tooth. But she's much happier now. Even after that whole ordeal was over with.