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Spammer Updates

September 21, 2005 14:11

As I regaled all of you with the tale of the spammer, and then catching someone "testing" the spam detector abuse filters, he who was caught managed to visit the site to "explain" himself. Fine, many of the abusers will come back with whiny stories about how they didn't know they had to act civilized, or it wasn't them, their brother or their friend did it, or some equally lame excuse. This was no different. But since I'm trying to keep a lid on a spammer here, I decided to check the ip address of who posted the begging comments. Doing a google search on the ip addresses reveals some interesting results.

The ip addresses in question: and

Some of the pages with the ip addresses highlighted (google cache):

comments with two lines of spam, then dozens of nearly identical comments saying how nice the site is

poker and pills spam

Same as the first page

and so on. Now, to be fair, it MIGHT just be someone using the same public proxies. Then again, I ban public proxies from this server for a reason, as soon as I can identify them that is. Although, when you're trying to claim you're not a spammer, using the ip address of someone who has spammed, by google's estimation, on 28 THOUSAND websites, is probably not the way to inspire confidence in people who have been diligently fighting to get rid of the spammers.

So, just let that be a lesson to you all. And to answer your question, to the one begging desparately to get back in. No. It's not going to happen. You of all people should have known better.