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The Lowball

July 19, 2004 18:50

As a few of you know, I'll be moving out of my current residence shortly, and therefore have been pursuing new accomodations. Whilst hunting we were, Gertie stumbled upon a property listed for $15000. After assuring myself that undeveloped land didn't usually include 3 bedrooms and vaulted ceilings, we decided to check it out. While driving out toward it, the houses got bigger and bigger. And bigger. We figured it had to be a typo. They must have left off a digit or three. However, when finally we reached the cross street, indeed, the average home price dropped to 10% of what it was a mere 1/2 mile up the road. A fly in a developers ointment, the house would turn out not to be.

After some confusion involving no small amount of dyslexia, we finally located the house:

It doesn't look too bad from the outside. The original section of the house is on the right. The two story part apparently was added on later. However, it definitely comes with some assembly required.

The kitchen has no appliances, except of course the kitchen sink. They actually left SOMETHING behind. Otherwise, it's quite the spacious kitchen. And that leads out into a living area, with a bathroom over in the back corner.

There is one obvious bedroom on the ground floor, and the possibility of easily making a second one downstairs, although you would have to walk through a bedroom to get to the laundry room the way they have it laid out. Not sure what they were smoking when they planned that out, but it must be the good stuff.

The entire upstairs is one huge mastersuite. A bedroom area then leads into a hallway with the bathroom on the left and a large closet on the right. At the end of the hallway is a large sitting room with windows looking out on the lake. Well, it will look out on the lake once the trees are significantly cut back.

Outside in front are, count them, THREE storage sheds, all of which have electricity. We figured we can convert one of them into a clubhouse for Marjorie, another can be a mini workshop, and the last one we can use as a guest room for visitors we don't like.

Anyway, the bid has been submitted, and the auction is tomorrow, so I'll know in the morning if I have it or not. It's possible if nobody else bids on it, I might get to play a bidding war with the bank for a while. I might go as high as 20K on it. No idea how much the bank has in it. The $15k price quoted is the appraised value of the land. The structures are just thrown in for shits and giggles.

We shall see.