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June 22, 2004 20:24

The bear and the puppy have fresh batteries again, so play away. They're in the garage in case you can't find them.

For those of you running cams, you are allowed ONE line for captions. Filling the entire image up with content that is available on the site is kinda pointless. Also, if you insist on leaving your cam on 24/7 and your cam has the ability to die and give us the blue screen, please take off any text captions that are dynamic (like the time). The system will automatically deactivate any cams that don't change for a period of time, but a changing caption will screw that up. In case you're confused, things you don't need on your cam are the following: The cam name (it's already specified on the page), the time (I plan to display the local time for the cam at the top of the page, making it redundant on the image), any other information that's already available on the site. Since I know some cams are duplicated on other sites, I'll let you use one line for anything you wish, but lets cut down on the clutter people!

For those of you who don't have any cams on the site and want to, go Here.

Also, for the 5 of you who weren't already aware, I love Gertie.