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April 20, 2004 17:58

The phone tap is now working. If I'm on the phone, and I'm actually interested in broadcasting it, you'll be able to listen in on it via the telephone link on my cam. I will eventually rig it so it only shows up if I'm on the phone. I also need to dedicate a sound card to the project so it doesn't share with the voices,, but all in due time. It was a challenge getting it functional. It required me to rewire my phone. Apparently the inside wiring had some shorts which both prevented the tap from working AND had crosstalk over the other line in the house. I co-opted one of the many runs of cat5 I have in the attic to substitute as a phone cable, and everything is perfect now.

I've got the bear wired up again in the garage and I've bought another dancing toy to keep the bear company. I'll have it wired up in the next few days. The bear is now functioning properly, however it will only work if the plasma ball is off. I'm not exactly sure why it interferes, but it clearly does. One of the two will probably have to move elsewhere in the house.

I changed out the cam in the garage to use one of the camcorders, and I zoomed it in closer to the table so you're better able to see the stuff there. Since I'm now using a capture card instead of the crappy usb cam, the cam doesn't lock up anymore and therefore I don't need to reboot the computer. THEREFORE, I'll be able to set up the barcode scanner again and use it frequently. My Dr. Pepper consumption rate will no longer be a mystery to the world.