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Party and other stuff

January 21, 2004 23:35

Celebrated Gertie's birthday last weekend, also known as, any excuse to have a party, which we did. And we recorded it. Get the videos from the downloads page.

I've added a bubble machine to the site. Under normal usage it seems to drain a bottle of bubble juice in about 12 hours, and each bottle is 50 cents, so although the grocery store will probably wonder why ANYONE would want to purchase large quantities of bubble jucie, I'm sure they'll keep me in stock. However, I'm going to need to restrict the hours the bubble machine is in operation. See, whenever the bubble machine is in operation it, of course, generates large quantities of bubbles, which to a 4 year old are QUITE enticing. So, in an effort to prevent our resident rugrat from wanting to go outside in only slightly above freezing weather to jump around like a crazed maniac swatting at bubbles within landing distance of the pool, I'm going to not have it operational whenever he's home and awake.

Two of my capture cards are defective, so I'm currently seeking replacements. In an effort to not actually spend any signficant money on them, I'm doing the Ebay thing, but it'll probably be a couple weeks before I can add any new cams with composite outputs. In the meantime, I'll be working on the server software to iron out more bugs, automate the ability for people to add their cams to the site and to get the TV remote wired so that feature will be available as soon as I get more capture cards. I'm also hunting for either a RC tank or boat so I can have another mobile cam interface available.