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Moving Status

November 26, 2003 16:43

Ok, finally things have gotten rolling. The move is scheduled for this weekend. However, the dsl won't be installed likely for another two weeks. This means the site won't get fully moved until then. We're going to have comcast install a line temporarily so we have SOME internet access available. I'll start setting up cams there and streaming them from that location, while keeping the main webserver here. Since I'm looking at a while to get fully transferred over, I'll probably go ahead and set up a new webserver again and have it take over when the dsl is installed, then switch the dns servers and it should smoothly start up at the new place.

Zoom is now functional on the "Another New Camcorder" cam. It was as easy as I imagined it would be, just a matter of obtaining a risk worthy camcorder that I could perform the necessary surgery on. Now I need to build a pan/tilt system for this cam so all three dimensions can be manipulated. Tilting is going to be tough with the larger cameras. It's hard enough with the smaller ones.

I'm also going to be rethinking the way I handle the controllers. While direct control via a parallel port works in a pinch, there are probably better ways to do it. And while I'm getting my computer count down to one server for every 3 camcorders, it looks as if I'm still going to require at least one parallel port per cam to control the rotors. I'll probably start looking into some external microcontrollers that can handle several rotor systems each. I also have these temperature sensors that I want to interface. They're only a couple bucks each, so if the interface circuity can be built inexpensively enough, I can scatter several of those around the house.