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Sprinkler Plans

August 20, 2003 16:19

First off, for those who haven't noticed, TechTV will be airing a segment on this website on Friday, 8/22 at 7pm (CST). Check the shownotes for details.

I'm currently planning a layout for the sprinkler system control. There's a 13 stage system here that runs for 9 hours a day. It's fed by a pumping system that pumps water straight out of the lake, so the supply is unlimited. Not all the stages will be controllable, as some of them need to run at certain times. The current plan is to display the status of the various stations and allow people to pick the next station. Then every two minutes, it will switch to whichever station was picked. I'll either set up a wait queue or just let people fight over it.

I'll probably set up one or two lamps as well. Cams will observe the lamps, but as this isn't the best environment, I probably won't show too much of the actual house. More outdoor cams probably.